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At Param, we have a highly configurable service delivery methodology that encapsulates various facets of the technical complexities and offers seamless integration services at the back end. We are cognizant of critical timelines and make every effort to support our customer’s delivery initiatives. As a consulting firm, we strive to build a measurable and repeatable ROI for our customers and make sure the cost of ownership is sustainable and superbly managed. We offer executive staffing and contract staffing along with application development services to our Federal Systems Integrators and through our GSA schedule offer staffing services to the Federal government.


  • J2EE and .NET application development
  • Open source development (Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Zend, etc)
  • Content Management Solutions (Drupal, Alfresco)
  • Business Rules Management (Corticon)

  • IVR and backend systems
  • Internet and intranet applications
  • Web Services and XML
  • Cloud computing & virtualization

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In today’s highly competitive global market, one key attribute of winning organizations is a company’s ability to respond to a customer’s need quickly, effectively, and accurately.

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Param’s multidimensional recruiting philosophy provides a unique staffing and recruiting process that significantly enhances the overall process of finding the right candidate.

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Companies accomplish recruiting for talent by using their internal recruiting resources, employee referrals, or by engaging an external recruiting or staffing agency to find talent.

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Param offers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of content management, including web content management, digital tools management, social media and content integration, editorial guidelines, briefs, and media outreach materials in both English and Spanish.

Param’s content management services can effectively transform and optimize information and is experienced with managing information and distribution. Our capabilities and experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Establish, monitor, and analyze performance measures for all products.
  • Materials development: from web content to public relations, advertising and public service materials.
  • Project management, strategic planning and policy analysis.
  • Extensive knowledge of Internet site design and technology, web development and content management tools, and word processing/electronic publishing techniques to assist in the design of web pages and the distribution of information and services for program activities.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of current Internet trends and applicable federal laws and guidelines related to electronic government information.
  • Expert knowledge of analytical techniques, principles, concepts, theories, and methods in order to analyze facts, draw conclusions, and recommend solutions to problems.
  • Knowledge of 508 compliance.


Our consultant(s) assisted in designing and developing Decision Services in support of the Business Logic layer of an Enterprise SOA Transformation Project. By creating a “rule-based” solution, the BR Consultant(s) helped to streamline the Business Logic implementation.

Using Corticon’s BRMS they provided a Web Services integration mechanism that allowed for a “loosely-coupled” business service that was flexible, scalable and easily maintained. A business vocabulary was built that was independent of the underlying Database allowing for more versatility in the data persistence layer, without having to “re-code” the implementation logic.

The solution design also separated the Business Rule Statements from their underlying conditional expressions, which allowed for changes to the Business Logic without revising the Rule Text. This approach helped in keeping the automation of the rules separate, which enabled the review of Rule Statements, and Outgoing Messages a simpler process.


Our client is a mid-tier government systems integrator who was working for a large federal agency in Washington DC, and was looking for consulting support with J2EE/.NET expertise and knowledge of enterprise backend systems to build, deploy and maintain applications directly in use by their thousands of field agents across the United States of America.

They had some legacy applications that were built with Java/J2EE on a websphere stack that wasn’t quite performing as well as they wanted. They had other legacy applications built with older technologies housed on large mainframes that needed to be migrated into newer, cutting edge technologies.

These applications were supposed to have been highly reliable, secure, available and responsive and they served up thousands of documents each day based on the search queries executed by the field agents. However, they faced several challenges including unpredictable performance of the application during traffic spikes resulting in sluggish response times, and inability to manage the web workload over multiple servers leading to an unstable application.

Param consultants combined their java and j2ee competencies with their experience and analyzed the application and load patterns. We did a complete review of the production environment, the web application and worked with internal resources to establish best practices and elevated the overall standard of the application. We recommended open source tools and libraries where appropriate and enhanced the application to meet the desired performance standards. Today the robust applications are running smoothly serving up documents to field agents across the USA. We achieved over 50% improvement in response times and 99% uptime.

Param consultants also helped build an application to replace the application on the mainframe. We architected an end-to-end business solution based on the requirements drummed up from the legacy mainframe application. Param’s consultants were involved in every integral phase of the new J2EE application including design, development, testing, infrastructure setup, and eventually deployment and maintenance. The architecture took into account the existing workload, infrastructure, and security constraints to enhance every aspect of the application, thus enhancing performance dramatically while also improving the stability of the application. This new application was also built to have the ability to scale both horizontally and vertically to accommodate any future needs.

In both cases, Param demonstrated a unique ability to manage, build and maintain enterprise grade systems guaranteeing the client’s roadmap to success.

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