10 takeaways from keeping our lights on


Greetings! We are honored and humbled to be part of Inc’s Fastest growing companies list for 2015.

A few takeaways from the past three years of running our recruiting and staffing business

  1. Question the Status quo
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Counter intuitive thinking helps in big ways
  4. Building a “brand” is not easy
  5. Don’t follow the conventional wisdom
  6. Best way to acquire new customers is to leverage your existing customers
  7. When delegating responsibilities make sure your messaging is clear
  8. Groom future leaders from within your company
  9. Empower your employees and get out of their way
  10. Always be transparent with your employees and your customers

Please feel free to add additional growth hacks you think helped you/your company….after all we are always trying to learn from each other aren’t we?


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